Media Pc/Htpc


Media PCs take to deliver your digital material that you can enjoy through sound and image systems that you have in each room. Are full entertainment stations. Can deliver movies, videos, music, radio, games, photos, high-definition content (HD-DVD, Blu-Ray) etc in audio and video systems that you have in each room (televisions, projectors, amplifiers, speakers, etc).

The content (movies, pictures, music etc) are common for all the media a home PC: is stored in a central location and can be accessed from every room! With the technology that uses the Xparity Digital Entertainment there is no longer any reason not to do stream audio and video to you throughout the home. The Xpartity Digital Entertainment offers you this through the Media PC that you install on each room allowing you not only to have your movies, your music, your photos, your personal video and unlimited online content available anywhere inside your home but also lets you deliver in non-negotiable quality by creating the ultimate home entertainment experience. To find and play your digital content is now game so you can relax and enjoy the show!
The Media PC replace a series of traditional machines. Now you don't need to have a separate DVD, DVD Recorder, CD Player, Radio, decoders etc. All the takes on the Media PC!!! A single sleek device in every room of your interest which can do everything with the ease of a remote control!

Media PCs are gorgeous aesthetic devices that can be integrated into any space. Aluminium construction, quiet, elegant and at the same time powerful so they can serve you in any scenario of fun think handing you unmatched quality – higher than any standalone device consumer.

Available in black and silver and in different sizes and designs so you can pick the one that suits you most.
The Xbox360 can be used as a Media PC (for precision Media Extender). In this case there is the advantage of dual use (reproduction of digital material and game console) but on the other hand put some restrictions in relation to the Media PCs.

The Xbox360 save game console is designed to operate as a Media Extender, making it in essence a ' light ' version of PC Media described above. Through the same test environment used in all Media PC IE you can from the Xbox360 to see your photos, listen to your music, schedule TV program recording etc.

Hooking up the Xbox360 to your home network and to a TV you can see the digital material. This is achieved through Media Extender technology that Microsoft has integrated into the Xbox360.

Just connect with a Media PC, complete with the Xbox360 remote control your digital material in exactly the same way and within the same environment and the same Media PC.

Portability of digital entertainment is no longer needed. Transfer by pressing a button on the remote control your music, or even your favorite series that wrote the night before, on a mobile device, so you can enjoy them on the subway as you go to the Office!

With the special Xparity software and portable devices such as the Microsoft Zune or Apple iPOD all the above is simple!