Networking / Internet


The networking of digital devices and the internet access from everywhere is imperative for any modern home.
The Digital Entertainment of Xparity based on networking to maximize the experience of home entertainment offering. The sharing of digital content in multiple places (movies, music, video, photos, etc.) requires a networked home while eyrozwniki internet connection ensures access to unlimited content (information, weather forecast, news with sound and picture from the biggest international news agencies, covers of the discs of your music collection, etc). Finally the Networking allows remote access to your system, either by computer or from your mobile phone!

In your Xparity cover fully the need for home networking using all the possibilities that technology offers us. Specifically for home networking, there are the following options:

  • To install with UTP wiring throughout the House. In this case, the potential is unlimited! All digital content (music, photos, High Definition movies, etc) shared easily in Media home PC.
  • Use of electricity network (Home Plug technology) for networking. In this case, the communication speed is lower than the cabling UTP, however it can be used in every home and allows no problem sharing digital content. There may be limitations depending on the electric installation in any home especially during simultaneous playback of material from many Media PC.
  • Wireless networking via WiFi. This mode is ideal for internet sharing while the new wireless networking standards and technologies can achieve where necessary and sharing any type of digital content. Restrictions may be placed depending on the home's construction and layout of spaces in some categories of digital content (e.g. hardware sharing high definition).

Internet access from every part of the House is no longer needed. In Xparity we supply with ADSL2 connections that support the infamous triple play: through a quick Internet connection, you get a landline and Video on Demand. Also pass into the world of file-sharing sharing music and movies with other users over the internet, using the remote control in your living room.
Finally, using the permanent internet access line, you can have remote access to your system: from the oplisate to check whether the alarm until you plan to record your favorite program on television or to show photos from your holidays, while at a friend's House! Access from everywhere and always.
This is the new world of fast internet and this is the digital living of Xparity!