Viewing movies is for most major home entertainment sector. Realizing this the Xparity offers unique tools to manage your movies and amazing players.

Starting from the breeding programs of your film the Xparity taking advantage of the endless possibilities offered by the Media PC gives you the possibility to enjoy breathtaking picture unique definition and clear multi-channel sound which surpass in quality any standalone DVD player. This is achieved by using unique algorithms for image enhancement, sharpening, noise reduction and optimization of colors. The result is surprising and touching many times surpassing the cinematic experience.

Media PC also offers you the possibility to enjoy high definition image today both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray!

The Xparity Digital Entertainment but doesn't stop here with regard to your movies. Through unique and user-friendly tools gives you the ability – always with the help of remote control and always from the comfort of your couch – to organize your movies and automatically download information from the internet about them (case, cast, Director, etc).

Selecting and viewing a movie becomes a game. Simply choose the movie you want, you can see information about this, you watch and enjoy the unparalleled image and sound quality offered by Xparity! The Xparity also offers you the ability to put parental restrictions protecting the smaller members of your family from inappropriate content!

And if you want to learn more about the artists and creators of the movie the Xparity offers you with the touch of a button!

Finally the search in your DVD discs each time you want to see a movie. With the help of Xparity Digital Entertainment you can store all your movies in Media PC that are quickly and easily accessible with the click of a button!