The Security Services and products of Xparity complete family of solutions that we offer providing protection and security to your loved ones and your property from both villains and other hazardous incidents such as fire, flood, etc.

Security solutions package of Xparity includes Security Systems and Alarms, Monitoring Systems and Exterior Covering Systems. All solutions and products topped with Xparity Control which as in Digital Entertainment and Home Automation offers complete, secure and integrated control systems – both locally and remotely.
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The Security products and services of the Xparity can be integrated completely with the Digital Entertainment and Home Automation offering an integrated solution.

For the implementation of Security systems, Xparity innovate – as indeed in all products offered – using modern technologies and techniques as required by the most modern trends. Overcoming the limitations and complexities of traditional Security systems solutions of Xparity offer unique features, high quality and safety.

Finally security systems of the Xparity remains faithful to its philosophy that wants everything to be controlled both locally from a Media PC Digital Entertainment System and remotely via internet or from your mobile phone