Visual Systems


Choosing image systems is one of the most important when installing the Xparity Digital Entertainment as they are the mirror of the system and are the ones that will stimulate your senses by creating cinematic experiences in the area of your home and dragging you magically in the center of the action of the material you are watching. At the same time are the main means of communication, interaction and control of your system.
Having planned your system carefully, methodically and always based on your desires and the assistance of specialized personnel of Xparity image systems proceed through the following steps:

The choice of appropriate image systems is the first step and is a complex process that is influenced by numerous factors such as your space (dimensions, configuration, aesthetics, lighting, etc), your profile and your habits (e.g. see pretty TV signal or not), your budget, and more. An experienced engineer and Decorator of Xparity discusses with you and filling a thoughtful questionnaire helps you end up in the right choice.
A second important step is the installation of image systems in your area. As simple though it sounds, putting even a simple/conventional television (especially if we are talking about high intsaz televisions or projectors) is a demanding process with many parameters (distance and viewing angles, mild sensory integration on site etc) so without affecting the aesthetics of the site to maximize the quality of the viewing experience. The technicians and designers of Xparity guarantee the perfect outcome in this case.

The third step is the setting of image systems. Whether it's TV or projector (projector) the correct settings can really take off the viewing quality. The need for correct setting is further enhanced by the fact that most devices are not configured correctly as you delivered (out of the box) from the manufacturer as most often emphasize the sensationalistic oblivious to the naturalness of the image, the quality of colors and the correct contrast and brightness setting. Xparity technicians have the experience and the right equipment to adjust image systems you choose to deliver their full potential.