Xparity Control


The Xparity Control is a multifaceted product of Xparity which has application in both the "Digital Entertainment" and "Home Automation" and "Security". As regards the Digital Entertainment the Xparity Control offers the following:

Central local control
All devices are controlled by a single remote control. Finally in innumerable remote control which fill the space puzzling and making complicated the use of machinery. Now all devices (TV, projector, amplifier, Media PC etc) are controlled centrally from a single controller. In addition, scheduled macros that simplify even more use of Digital Entertainment. So e.g. pressing Watch Movie, the Xparity Control – from a single remote control always – automatically opens the TV, opens the amplifier, adjusts the inputs/outputs of the amplifier opens the Media PC and automatically display on your TV screen your movie collection!

The Xparity Control however does not stop here as far as the main local control. The same remote control can be configured to work with products of "Home Automation". Thus e.g. in the previous scenario by clicking on Watch Movie simultaneously can automatically be switched on/off or lowering lights that we want on our site, to descend the rolls to occulted the space, to regulate the temperature of the air conditioner where we lowered the projection screen cloth in case of use projector, options and scenarios are innumerable and always made centrally from a single remote control and with the push of a single button!

Remote control
The Xparity Control gives you the ability to manipulate remotely useful features of Digital Entertainment through your mobile phone. You are in an important meeting when starting the football match of your favorite team? Forgot to schedule the recording of your favorite series from home? You're on vacation and you don't want to miss your favorite show? No problem! The Xparity Control gives you the ability to remotely control the Digital Entertainment System from your mobile!